Pat Dempsey has worked in the field of Electroneurodiagnostics for over 30 years with 18 of the years working in the field of sleep medicine. She is registered in EEG, Evoked Potentials and Sleep. Pat was the founding president of the Pennsylvania Sleep Society and served as their President for two years. She served on the BOD for one year as Past President and currently serves on the BOD for the MDSS.

Pat has always been an advocate for education for technologist, patients, the community and other health care professionals. She enjoys teaching both in the field of Electroneurodiagnostics and Sleep Medicine.

Pat currently enjoys spending time with three teenage granddaughters that recently moved much closer to her home. In January 2015, she hopes to return to a previous career as a volunteer massage therapist at a local cancer center working mainly with breast cancer patients.

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