Sleep medicine, like many other medical specialties, is undergoing rapid advances. Educational conferences are conducted by the Maryland Sleep Society on an annual basis to inform and educate medical specialists treating sleep disorders in the State of Maryland and the surrounding areas. The meetings focus on reviewing topics related to sleep medicine; and on presenting new advances in the field. Furthermore, they inform participants about what changes to expect in the near future of sleep medicine, and how it will affect them in their daily practice.

The lectures update the current practice of physicians and technologists who might not otherwise be aware of recent developments in these areas. The expectation is that physicians will be exposed to current trends in the field of sleep medicine and will adjust their practices accordingly.

The Maryland Sleep Society Educational Conference is attended by physicians, dentists, sleep technologists, NPs, RCTs and other allied health professionals. The Conference receives accreditation from the Accreditation Council for continuing Medical Education , the BRPT, the AARC and AGD PACE Program.